The Perfect EARLY Spring Flowers!


Being outside and working in my yard this week has been very inspiring! I moved into this home last fall and have been anxiously waiting to see what surprises I have growing in my yard. I am blessed with a lot of daffodils! I could not wait for them to bloom so I could cut them and bring them inside!      

Did you know that daffodils actually hold up really well in regular water? If you re-cut the stems and put them into fresh water every-other-day, they will last for quite a while in a vase on your dining room table. 🙂

Getting to the point of this post–there are several spring-blooming flowers that work really well for arrangements, bouquets, and even boutonnieres or corsages. These spring-bloomers might not be the first flowers that come to mind when making flower decisions, but they are great options for those of you looking for something different.      

Martha Stewart's version of grape hyacinth.     Daffodil Centerpiece     Simple Tulip Centerpiece      

Daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth are bulb flowers that make great arrangements. They come in bright colors and are widely available in the spring. These flowers have rather soft stems and should be used in combination with other flowers in bouquets, but very simple, classic vase arrangements can be made, rather inexpensively.      

Cherry Blossom Arrangement  Dogwood Blossoms   Cherry Blossom Arrangement      

Apple or cherry blossoms, forsythia, dogwood and pussy willow are also great spring-blooming options. They are a little more untraditional—but can make wonderful displays. These are probably not flowers you would use in bouquets, but they would work very well in larger arrangements, centerpieces, or as boutonniere and corsage accents.      

Although you may have a grandmother with all these wonderful spring flowers growing in her yard, you cannot completely rely on using them for your wedding. Mother Nature can be VERY unpredictable sometimes. I would suggest ordering what you need from a florist and then whatever Mother Nature can provide for you is a bonus!

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


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