When I buy wedding flowers from a florist, what I am paying for?

Professional Bouquet

No-hassle, no-stress, magically arrive-at-my-wedding professional bouquet.

DYI Bouquet

DYI Bouquet – A great option for SOME brides! The key is to be sure you can handle what you take on.

I often wonder why things cost what they do–or what am I ACTUALLY paying for? Frugal is most definitely a word that describes me. If I were buying wedding flowers, and I were not a florist, I would probably think to myself, “Why do flowers cost so much?!” I will explain more in the following paragraphs—but if you really think about everything you are getting from a florist, beyond the flowers, it might change your thinking a little bit?  

The simple answer to my question is—you are paying for professional quality flowers and the assurance your flowers will turn out just the way you want them to on your wedding day!  

Creating beautiful flower arrangements is a talent. Just like all other talents–not just anyone can do it and it takes practice! I have taught over 300 students in floral design—I have certainly learned that creating quality arrangements is not as easy as you might think! 

Being a florist is kind of like being a wedding singer. When you hire a singer for your wedding, you are hiring their talent. You are not only hiring their talent, but also all the hard work they will put into learning the songs you want them to sing on your big day. You hire the professional singer because that is important to you. If the quality of singing wasn’t as important to you, you might opt to buy the songs and play them over a sound system.  

From the beginning meeting to the final delivery, florists will spend countless hours planning and actually creating the arrangements for your wedding. We work until we get it right. Almost all of us are perfectionists—we have to be! We wouldn’t last long in this business if we were not.  

If you think you are paying for more than the flowers when you work with a florist, you are RIGHT! You are paying for the experience, creativity, talent, and time the florist will spend creating your custom arrangements.  The real question you need to ask yourself when looking at an estimate for your flowers is, “How much is it worth for my wedding flowers to be delivered, on my wedding day, with little or no stress and worry on my part?”  

Kim Martin — Floral Design Specialist —  Columbia, MO


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