3 Tasks to Tackle Before You Meet With Us—Or Any Florist!

Meeting with a florist and planning your wedding flowers should be a fun and exciting experience! We at Tiger Garden work to make the flower planning experience as personal as possible. Many florists will offer a complimentary initial consultation to talk about your wedding flowers. To take full advantage of that consultation you should do a little homework beforehand! 

  • Search the web for any and all flower ideas related to your colors or themes of your wedding. Save pictures of things you like and things you do not like.  The more pictures you can provide for the florist, the better they will understand your ideas and what you are trying to achieve. Good resources are http://www.theknot.com/ and http://www.theweddingchannel.com/ — among many others.
  • Know your floral budget. All brides have different ideas of how much money they want to spend on floral arrangements and décor. Come up with a ball-park number you are comfortable with. A florist should be able to help you determine if your budget is reasonable for what you want to create. A florist should also be able to offer suggestions for any budget!
  •  Make a complete list of the people in your wedding and all pieces and/or decorations needed. Having this list beforehand will enable you to ask more questions and get more answers about your wedding flowers!

Now you are ready for your consultation! Let the florist take the reins from there and make your dreams come true.


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